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Hosting Changes

Wednesday, 30 June 2021 02:00


The time has come for Buzzynet to move away from data center hosting - for most services.

The burdon of maintaining datacentre hardware such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers, etc. has become too great a task and it is taking us away from the areas we most want to work.  This being the areas noted on our Home page -

  • Email Services
  • Website Development
  • Collaboration Services
  • Workflow management

Time being spent on the tasks mentioned above can at times urgently pull us away from other contracted work leading undesirable long days and nights.

We will still continue to host email services on-site for the foreseeable future, as well, Dev sites will continue to be developed on our reduced infrastructure.

Email is an area in particular we believe we offer great benefit in our spam, virus, and phishing prevention for both corporate and personal clients.  As a result we will continue to build this area of the business and maintain our efforts to drive small business away from being locked in by the monoliths.

Our Dev portion of the business is having some growth as we provide web solutions for small business, such as Internet/intranet websites and web application solutions.

Developing these solutions on-site and then moving these to alternative datacentres is one of the directions we will be pursueing in the very near furture, plus looking at a modified fee structure for those wanting collaboration services which may best be served on-premises.  A very small percentage of locations within Australia are unable to comfortably manage network requirements making this viable now for small business.  Leasing of servers, which are not overspeced to provide the infrastructure, allowing us to provide the software and setup for companies to provide in-house and remote/work from home access.

We are still focussed on providing the best options for small business in the services we provide and believe strongly by using the resources also outside our datacentre will greatly benefit small businesses..