Working Remotely

Tuesday, 22 June 2021 06:01


The information seems pretty clear.  Not only do many office workers want to continue working from home, but studies show staff to be more productive.

I still see a number of small to medium size businesses putting the business at security risk and working in inefficient manners, such as -

  •  Moving data between home and work with USB - losing a USB which may contain sensitive and confidential information could have disasterous effects to the business
  • Moving data between staff using email - missing users in email trails or alternatively including staff not required to review emails costs business large amounts of wasted time.  Collaboration Confusion
  • Paper Office - if documents aren't copied between users by email, then often printed and sharing a hard copy version is even worse.  Not only wasting resources (power, paper, ink and time) for a document to be discarded, stored in a cardboard folder within a cabinet, or even worse, scan/copy the already printed document so the business has an electronic copy saved in the appropriate location.

If any of these sound like your business, we have some options available to enable a transition.  Using collaboration tools, some training, and followup to ensure value for money through greater effeciencies.