"Informational Websites and Joomla Collaboration Intranet sites to your requirements"

Website Services

Website services provides an avenue to display your wares to the world and/or through the use of various tools to provide an intranet site for sharing information and boosting productivity.

Buzzynet specialises in informational and collaborative sites in comparison to sales and ecommerce sites.  We will work closely with clients to ensure the site displays infomation visually as required, is easily accessible and updatable.

For greater Intranet and/or internet functionality, specific additional modules (Calendars, Galleries, Comments/Forums, etc.) or forms may be required.  We will work with you to determine your requirements.

Our Website Services are hosted also by us.  Monthly Hosting, maintenance, backup and connection costs are outlined below -


Maintenance/Support/Development Costs



Time allocated each month at the current support rates.

Clients may choose to forgo up to three months (1.5 hrs) and acumulate time for support or further development.

For any security maintenance, Buzzynet will override the client request and time is allocated to this essential purpose.

CPU Costs

1 Free
2 $1.00
3 $2.00
4 $3.00
5 $4.00
6 $5.00
7 $6.00
8 $7.00

RAM Costs


512mb Free
1Gb $0.25
2Gb $0.75
4Gb $1.75
8Gb 3.75

Data Space Costs


3Gb $0.25
5Gb $0.50
8Gb $1.25
12Gb $2.25
20Gb $4.25
32Gb $7.25
50Gb $11.75
100Gb $24.25


Backup Costs


3Gb $5.00
5Gb $7.00
8GB $9.00
12Gb $11.00
20Gb $14.50
32gb $16.00
50Gb $17.00
100Gb $18.00




1 Free
2 $2.20
3 $3.30
4 $5.20
5 $8.00
10 $20.00


Maintenance/Support/Development costs are not negotiable

Operating system is not included in backup space/costs. Payment is for your data only.


Website planning, configuration and setup costs are largely dependent on your requirements.

We are very clear at the outset to develop an internet site you will need to spend some time ensuring you understand your current client, target market and how the success of the project will be measured.  By both parties having this clear understanding, we are able to minimise modifications during the project and provide a more accurate plan within your budget.

An Intranet site is a different process, often requiring less custom coding.

  • Upon providing a budget we are able to work within
  • We will provide a total estimate for the project based on our early assumptions from information gathered to that point in time
  • Each phase (Discovery, Design, Development and Delivery), moving forward will be quoted seperately so you may cancel at any time
  • Calculations for Development will depend on many variations based on - Site Sections, Fields (Modifiable or Static), Modules (Modifiable or static), Articles (Modifiable or Static), Number of Pages, Display customisation, Security, Category Groups, etc.